Three steps to the perfect complete vehicle: Configuration, production, registration

Information for our body partners: From configuration and production up to registration.

No complete vehicle is like any other. However, one thing does not change: Together, we have to coordinate a large number of technical details precisely and reliably. Here you will find all the information on the MAN chassis: precise, comprehensive, and clearly presented.

The online services of our portals serve as a foundation. But the personal contacts with our vehicle and body specialists are at least as important. Find out here where and how you can access the various information and documents required in the body manufacturing process.

Step 1: Configuration

Step 1: Configuration

Readily prepared – from typical to highly individual

Truck with body

Ex works, in line with the industry standard

Whether long-haul transport, construction site, distribution, etc.: Each application segment has its own characteristics. We therefore offer you chassis prepared specifically for the segment. Optimally prepared for implementing your bodies.

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MAN Individual Chassis
Individually built for you

We build you exactly the chassis you need: Perfectly prepared for the body you require. Hence you save the need for subsequent adjustments.

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What can I modify on the vehicle?

Our trucks can be adapted in a variety of ways for the most diverse body concepts. In the Guide to Fitting Bodies for our trucks we have documented for you which parts and components of our vehicles can be modified and which options are available to you.

Click here for the Guide to Fitting Bodies

The right MAN for your body

New MAN Truck Generation

New truck generation configuration

Our new truck generation already makes vehicle selection easier than ever: You will find the MAN configurator including best practice examples in our MAN ABBI® Body Builder Portal.

MAN Truck Range

Configuration of the current series

Our proven MANEC® Truck configurator will continue to support you in selecting vehicles from our current series. It will guide you step by step to the right truck.

Truck chassis

Body check

Does the vehicle meet the requirements of your body concept? In our MANTED® online portal for technical vehicle data you will find all information on electrics, fifth-wheel lead, and body check.

Production process of MAN body partners

Step 2: Production of the body

Technical specification

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How to retrieve the data: With the order number via the MAN ABBI® vehicle list

There are two ways to get the technical data of your vehicle.

Either the vehicle is already included in the vehicle list in MAN ABBI®, in this case click on the MAN ABBI® link. The icons in the vehicle list take you directly to the technical data and drawings of the vehicle. There you can also find information about the scope of delivery and the delivery date.
Or you use the second possibility – the retrieval of technical data and drawings via our MANTED® online portal for technical vehicle data.

Click here for the ABBI® Portal

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With the basic vehicle number / MAN code via MANTED®

Our MANTED® online portal is the right place for you, no matter for which of our vehicles you need technical data or drawings. To retrieve documents, you only need to register first. After logging in, select the desired series under “Vehicle information”. There you will have immediate access to the vehicle-specific documents and information.

Click here for the MANTED® Portal

MAN Range

MAN in detail

Sophistication lies in the detail. For example, in how a component of our vehicles is disassembled and reassembled. Or in how a specific component is correctly installed in the chassis. If you need insider knowledge for one of your body projects, our portal for technical documentation (MAN PTD) is the right place to go: As a registered user, here you get access to numerous assembly and installation sketches and the company standards of MAN Truck & Bus SE.

Click here for the MAN portal for technical documentation

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WLTP values for MAN Vans

If you implement your customers’ body requirements based on one of our vans, WLTP is mandatory. WLTP stands for Worldwide harmonized Light-Duty-Vehicles Test Procedure. This new test procedure has been mandatory throughout the EU for type approval of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles since September 1, 2017.
For you as a body builder, this means that you must prove the WLTP values of the complete vehicle for vehicle registration. The final dimensions and the vehicle weight must be taken into account, as well as any changes to the tyres.
In our MAN ABBI® Portal, we provide you with a calculation tool you can use to determine the required WLTP values quickly and easily. You will find the link to the tool in the MAN ABBI® menu bar and also as an icon in the vehicle list.

Do you still have questions about WLTP? Get in touch with us at

Click here for the ABBI® Portal

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Customised technical specifics

Our experts are also happy to be personally available to you. For example, when it comes to determining the exact dimensions for a special body/chassis combination, determining the unladen weight or calculating the CO2 values. Or if you need project-related detailed drawings. For example, for the mounting position of power take-offs.

By the way: For our new truck generation, we have already stored many detailed documents for specifying particular requirements in the configurator at your disposal.

We are happy to assist with order-related dimensional determination, unladen weight & CO2 value determination, PTO installation positions, or drawing requests on special topics for our current series.
For the new Trucknology generation, you can already find a lot of data in the new C4S configurator. Log in to the MANTED® Portal and select the “Services > MANTED® online applications” section.

Special technical requests

Logistical data

Logistical data

When will the vehicle be delivered?

MAN ABBI®, the central communication interface between all parties concerned, provides you – among other things – with information on when your vehicle is scheduled at MAN, which partners are involved and when you can receive your chassis. All data is updated daily.

Click here for the MAN ABBI® Portal

Quality assurance

Quality assurance of a complete vehicle

Platform for transparent processes

The MAN ABBI® Portal enables the actors to collaborate efficiently and safely. It is ideal for coordinating the individual processes for quality assurance* of the complete vehicle.
*Quality assurance via MAN ABBI® is not available in all countries.

Click here for the MAN ABBI® Portal

Vehicle parameterisation

Body parameterisation

How chassis and body become one

In order for your body and chassis to work together functionally and without errors, the vehicle systems must be parameterised accordingly. With our MAN-cats® (Trucks) and ODIS (Van) diagnostic system, you or a MAN workshop can carry out this task easily and safely. Find further information on MAN-cats® and ODIS as well as associated training courses in our MAN Service Portal.

Registration of the complete vehicle

Step 3: Registration of the complete vehicle

Registration documents: Rapidly achieving your goal!

CoC data sheet

CoC data sheet

No registration without a certificate of conformity. The CoC data sheet is already available for your MAN to download – in our MAN ABBI® Body Builder Portal via the vehicle list or in the “Services” section in the MANTED® Portal.

Online application for registration

Confirmations in case of technical modifications

Your vehicle deviates from the standard? No problem. We will issue the confirmation of change for the registration for you. You can find the corresponding online application in the MANTED® Portal at the “Confirmations” section.

Ordering special vehicle documents

Ordering special vehicle documents

If you are still missing individual vehicle documents, you can download or reorder them in the MANTED® Portal at the “Guidelines and Forms” section – from factory and engine plates to vehicle accompanying documents up to Scheda tecnica certificates.

Homologation documents

Homologation documents

Homologation documents

The registration of your vehicle requires a two-stage homologation? After registering at you can prepare the documents required for this in our MAN TypMaster online programme with ease all by yourself.

Click here for the MAN TypMaster programme

Special project requirements

Special requirements – special advice

Good advice also in special cases

MAN used vehicles

Used Vehicles

Your customer wants a body solution for a used MAN? You will find the necessary vehicle data in our MAN Service Portal under the “Repair and maintenance” section. Simply register as a “market participant”.

Downtime care

Maintenance Checklist

Even a stationary vehicle requires care. If a vehicle is stationary for a long time before or after assembly of the body, it is important to observe the intervals for downtime care. Find all the facts about this on our MAN Service Portal.

Transport of dangerous goods

Transport of dangerous goods

Special safety rules apply to vehicles transporting dangerous goods. On our MANTED® homepage you will find the necessary information – from legal regulations to technical proofs for a continuous brake system and tilt stability.

News and interesting facts for MAN Body Builders

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