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Body manufacturing process with MAN

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No complete vehicle is like any other. However, one thing does not change: Together, we have to coordinate a large number of technical details precisely and reliably. Here you will find all the information on the MAN chassis: precise, comprehensive, and clearly presented. The online services of our portals serve as a foundation. But the personal contacts with our vehicle and body specialists are at least as important. Find out here where and how you can access the various information and documents required in the body manufacturing process.

Valuable advice in special cases

MAN TopUsed: Discover used vehicles
Used Vehicles

Your customer wants a body solution for a used MAN? You will find the necessary vehicle data in our MAN Service Portal in the “Repair and maintenance” section. Simply register as a “market participant”.

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MAN specialist servicing a MAN truck
Downtime care

Even a stationary vehicle requires care. If a vehicle is stationary for a long time before or after assembly of the body, it is important to observe the intervals for downtime care. You can find all corresponding facts on our MAN Service Portal.

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Dangerous goods transport with MAN trucks
Transporting dangerous goods

Special safety rules apply to vehicles transporting dangerous goods. On our MANTED® homepage you will find the necessary information – from legal regulations to technical proofs for a continuous brake system and tilt stability.

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